What is Popcode?

The best way to understand Popcode is to see it in action - take a look at the video below!

Popcode in brief

Popcode shows the camera picture on your phone's screen just like when you go to take a photo. But view a picture or poster with augmented reality content and it comes to life on the screen - the app adds extra content as if it were actually there in the world around you.

Popcode is what is known in the trade as a Markerless Augmented Reality platform. That means you can add additional content onto any image (providing it has enough texture). You do not need to print large black-and-white markers to be able to add Augmented Reality (AR) content to the world using Popcode.

How do I use it?

Whenever you see a Popcode, like the one on the right, start-up Popcode on your phone and view the logo. The app will recognise the logo and download the augmented reality content that it points to. Turn the phone towards the picture that the Popcode is beside, then view and interact with the embedded content.

How do I get it?

  • Visit m.popcode.info from your mobile phone's browser to download the Popcode app.
  • Visit our Demos section to view some augmented reality content that we've put together.

How do I create content for Popcode?

You can download the Popcode Developer Kit from the Developers page. The Kit contains the tools, examples and documentation to get you started.

What does it cost?

Both the Popcode mobile app and the Popcode Developer Kit are free to download and use.

We originally intended to offer the ability to upload and deliver content through the Popcode platform; associating third-party content with a Popcode and serving it to users of the mobile app. Now that Popcode is no longer under active development it will not be possible to distribute third-party content with the Popcode platform. See the homepage for more information.

What can I use it for?

Some ideas for possible uses of Popcode are shown in the Demos section. We're sure there's lots more applications out there. If you've got a great idea, then you can try and make it happen with the free Popcode Developer Kit.

The release of Popcode that is made available on this website is for non-commercial use only. Development of the technology behind Popcode has continued at Zappar. If you'd like to speak to us about commercial AR projects, then please get in touch through the contact form at the Zappar website.