Popcode Developer Kit

The Developer Kit provides the tools, example packages and documentation needed to get started developing content for the Popcode platform.

Popcode is no longer actively developed or supported. For commercial AR enquiries, please contact us at our new mobile AR venture, Zappar. Please note that with Zappar we provide a full AR solution to end clients and we do not offer a Developer Kit or licensing model for the underlying technology.

The Popcode Developer Kit is for non-commercial use only, and there is no possibility to distribute any content you create with it. We have continued to make it available for hobbyists to play with creating some AR content. If you have an Android device, the special "Load from Storage Card" Popcode will allow you to view your content on your own phone.


The documentation provides an introduction, a tutorial and reference documentation for the platform. A copy is included in the Developer Kit.

First Steps with the Popcode Developer Kit