Where to place and how to locate the ARO file?

Hey - i worked with the demos and they work fine on x10 mini.
However when i tried transferring the sample application i made into the phone the ARO file is somehow not found - the popcode is detected but nothing else happens.

When I removed the Plane.aro from primitives and copied into my Package folder- the Scene Viewer shows problems- it is unable to look for the ARO model in the local directory it seems, why is that?
How should i write the Path to look for the ARO file so that it is retrieved correctly?
Kindly help


Sorry for the slow reply. The

Sorry for the slow reply.

The paths in the scene file are relative to the package folder by default.

Therefore just <object type="myobj.aro" /> should reference the object in the same folder as the scene file. The primitives are stored in a different directory, so to reference those files you need to do <object type="primitives://plane.aro" />

So the short answer is remove the "primtives://" from the start of the path and it should work. Removing the plane from the primitives directory is not a good idea; SceneViewer might well depend on that for some of the UI elements, so I wouldn't expect anything to work if you move that one.



Thanks ,will try
Edit- Works fine :-)

An issue- Even if we load an image using Image Trainer it seems the Popcode logo HAS to be visible to start the app. A work-around that would be awesome.

Popcode required

The Popcode is the thing that identifies which content to view; you can think of it like a URL identifying which web-page to view, and the Popcode app is just like the browser. For content that starts instantly you would need to package the content into a specific app - that's not something that's possible with the free Developer Kit, but is something we can do commercially - if you want that then drop us an email (see the About Us page for contacts).