So long Popcode, Hello Zappar!

You might have noticed it has been very quiet around here lately, but behind the scenes a lot has been happening.

The big news is that the team behind Popcode have moved on to a new mobile AR venture, Zappar, which you can find out about at At Zappar we have an in-house team of artists and developers, which allows us to offer a full end-to-end AR solution to clients encompassing both the creative and technical aspects of AR experiences.

We're very excited to be pushing the boundaries of AR with Zappar. We've done some nice creative executions for clients already and we have a number of very exciting projects in the pipeline. Try downloading the Zappar app (available on iOS and Android) and have a look at some of our demos available on - meet Big Bunny and tell the time with Bluebird's Clock, and check out the other things we've been up to!

So where does that leave Popcode? As Zappar has a full-solution model it doesn't offer a developer kit for third-parties to develop content. We're keeping the Popcode app and developer kit available to let hobbyists continue to play with creating AR content. However please note there will be no further updates to Popcode and it may be taken down at some point in the future. There will never be a way to distribute anything you create with Popcode, and no support will be provided.

Thanks for your support and interest so far, and we hope you'll continue to enjoy the AR experiences offered by Zappar. If you'd like to discuss any commercial AR projects, then please get with us using the contact form on the Zappar website.