Why no mention of an Ipad app?

Larger screen and lots of users.


Two EE students have used a cell phone's accelerometers

to detect gestures which drives various software.


Consider a dictionary of gestures tied to popcodes each one generating

a unique path on the screen.

Drawing 3D objects is of value to we math/physics teachers.


Also, anyone who has lived in Asia has seen youngsters learn

their 3000 kanji in a specific stroke order.

Imagine if westerners could gesture in the air

the strokes of an unknown kanji, and the meanings would appear on

the phone screen.


Blue sky stuff but one has to dream.



Ipad, etc

The iPad doesn't have a camera, so can't be used with Popcode at the moment. Some of the Android-powered tablets certainly seem like interesting devices for Augmented Reality applications.

I'm a bit confused by your gesture-based ideas. Do you mean by making certain gestures you would be able to edit the content that is displayed? I can see the use of some popcode content that shows various 3D solids for maths lessons, but that kind of thing could be built using our current developer kit with a series of menus to select the shapes to display.

The kanji app sounds interesting, but perhaps more suited just to an app where the unknown symbol is drawn on the screen? I don't know if that exists already but it sounds like a great idea for an app.