Problem with SceneViewer


My machine has 3 GB RAM and using Windows 7, 32x. I had a problem when I execute the SceneViewer. The camera turn on but when I select a file to load (in the sample's list) the window crash and say: "SceneViewer has stoped working". I tried to change the file's compatibility but didn't work.

Someone had the same problem?



Hi, when I try to open SceneViewer all I keep getting is the Mirosoft,
"SceneViewer.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."
I'm using Windows XP Professional Version 2002 and a Logitech Cam that works fine with Skype and Camtasia. I only have 2GB of RAM could that cause a problem? Any suggestions how to get this working. I work for Information and Learning Services at University of Worcester UK and we're really intersted in your product. It would be nice if I could produce a working demo for my manager :)


Possible camera issue

Hi Tim,

Sorry to hear that it crashes for you. My guess is that the camera provides images in a format that we don't deal with properly. The whole camera interface on Windows is a little weird. It would be great if you'd be able to help us get it working for you - can you send me an email [simon at popcode dot info] and we can send you a version of SceneViewer with some debugging output to let us track what exactly goes wrong.


Hi, I'll take a look and see


I'll take a look and see if I can reproduce this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!