Nexus One Gingerbread

Force closes immediately on a stock N1


Fix on the way

Hi there

We currently use an unofficial API to access the camera, and that's been moved (again) in 2.3. We use the internal C++ API directly as the Java one in 2.1 was very slow. 2.2 added a new official API that is much better, and we're currently testing a Popcode that makes use of that on devices with 2.2 or greater. We hope that will work straight off on 2.3 and beyond. There should be an update in the market before the end of the week.



I just updated to the latest version of Popcode.

I am running a Nexus One @ 2.3.3

The new app opens and I was able to get the balloon game to work. Unfortunately the other demos didn't work. Most likely the issue is that it can't recognize the codes due to the auto-focus not functioning. To get close enough to register the whole code it becomes quite blurry.


Thanks for the update.

The large semi-transparent Popcode overlay is perhaps more of a hindrance than a help - you don't need to make the popcode fit that overlay for it to work. If you hold the phone still as close as you can get but without the code going out of focus you should find it scans the code successfully.

The popcode can be quite small in the image - so the width of the popcode is only a quarter of the full camera image or so. Another thing to try is to cover up the bits of the image surrounding the popcode as that can confuse it sometimes. You might also need to try a couple of times if you get a "whoops" message.

We'll look into the auto-focus issue. Connell's development phone is a stick N1 with 2.3.3 so I would have thought we had it working on there at least! :s