Motorola Defy?

the app doesn´t work on the defy, I have android 2.2.
I think the problem is the camera permission, when I start popcode it only shows the grey popcode-screen!
Is there any solution for this?


Is there any possibility to

Is there any possibility to make it work on a defy with 2.1?


The Motorolas are a bit odd; we did the update for the 2.2 API but I believe it's still not working on some Motorola phones. We should hopefully be able to get things going on a 2.2 device if we can get our hands on one, but the 2.1 devices that don't work probably won't get a whole lot of attention from now on.

Working on it

Hi there

We've also had a report it doesn't work on the Droid X on 2.2. We currently use the unofficial API to access the camera, and it's possible Motorola have changed that in such a way that it doesn't work with Popcode. The reason we did that was the pre-2.2 java camera API was very slow. 2.2 added a new official API that is much better. We're currently testing a Popcode that makes use of that on devices with 2.2 or greater. Hopefully that will work on the defy and the Droid X too, as well as on Gingerbread. Should be up by the end of the week if we don't hit any problems.