motoroi 2.1-update1

I tried to download the app but my phone is not supported..
what do i need??




Hi stoni,

The specs of the Motoroi look OK for Popcode. I assume from your message you are running Android 2.1?

In that case it is difficult to say where the problem is. If you are a developer we can try to debug it with you - please send me an email [simon at popcode dot info] and I'll let you know how you can help.

In general the way to get camera data on Android was very slow before 2.2 so we use the layer below that exposed by the public java interface. Unfortunately that means it isn't guaranteed to work on all 2.1 phones. 2.2 added a new official way to get the camera data more quickly. When we switch to that method all 2.2 and greater phones should work (we hope!).