Linux SDK ?

Hi !

Popcode is cool, it works well and it makes me want to do tons of stuff with it, but I mainly use GNU/Linux - like many Android developers, I believe. Any chance to see a GNU/Linux SDK soon ?

Thanks !



Hi Endy,

We actually use Linux ourselves quite heavily. All of the graphical stuff is in wxWidgets so compiles and runs fine (and the ImageTrainer is at least twice as fast as GCC > MSVC!)

The difficulty in releasing for Linux is getting all the dependency stuff right and being able to do a binary release. It is something we're looking into though I won't promise anything yet. What distro do you use?

As a stop-gap solution, you can download the exe and extract it with 7zip on Linux. That lets you at least see all of the example source code. You can copy a package file to the sd-card as described in the tutorial and view it on your phone, and debug messages will get sent to logcat. The ImageTrainer works with Wine.

The "Refresh" button in the SceneViewer app really makes developing content much easier though, so we're aware that doing all the development on the phone is not really a viable long-term solution.