I find popcode to be a very interesting technology, yet I have a question about licensing. In your licenses.txt file, there's a third party software called TooN covered by the GPL with a special exception for free software libraries, in which no restrictions are applied. Yet, the Popcode Developer Kit has some crippling restrictions:

"Distributing content produced using this preview version of the Popcode
Developer Kit is prohibited. Additionally, content must be within the field of
"Entertainment". Future versions of this software will lift these restrictions
and include tools for distributing content through the Popcode framework."

Can we get some enlightment on this?

Thanks, and congratulations for the technology. :)


Re: licenses

The TooN license is supposed to be the same as the one used for the GNU C++ standard library implementation; as in linking to the library or instantiating templates from it does not place any restrictions on the licensing of the resulting code, but any changes to the TooN code itself must be shared under the GPL. The "free software library" referred to in the license means TooN itself. The TooN authors are primarily members (or former members) of the group in the University of Cambridge where I'm doing my PhD, so they're aware that we use it in Popcode and they're happy with it being used in that way.

The code I have written as part of my PhD is unfortunately subject to more restrictions due to my PhD funding being supplied by a company. By virtue of the funding arrangements, the copyright on my code is owned by the University, and they're not able to give us (as Extra Reality Ltd) a simple open license for any use of the code without agreement from the company providing the funding. When we initially launched Popcode we were able to get an agreement for Extra Reality Ltd to get a non-exclusive license to use the code in the field of Entertainment. We're also not able to sub-license, hence the restriction on distribution. We hoped that would only be the case for a couple of months as we negotiated a final agreement, however the negotiations have dragged on longer than hoped. I believe it won't be much longer until some of those restrictions can be lifted.