Future plans?

Hi, I saw your tool about a month ago and I thought it was a very easy way to do something creative. I had an idea and it was so fast to make it happen using popcode, but after I finished I didn't have nothing to do but wait until you made any announcement about your policy. I think in the future you're going to let developers use their own "popcode code" but I have no idea what your next step's going to be.

I was going to write you an email but I think this is an interesting information for every developer interested. Also I want to congratulate you for the tool you've created, and thank you for the possibility of working with it.

Thanks for reading!


I love this...

Hi! I'm a highly creative person who hates being confined by my lack of detailed knowledge...your popcode tutorial was very easy to understand, and I think I'll be able to start creating some really intersting projects - for entertainment purposes only - I'm not interested in making money. I hope you'll set up the possibility to upload to the popcode platform soon.


Future plans


We're glad that your finding it easy to create content for Popcode!

The infrastructure to allow developers to obtain a Popcode and upload content has been created - we're just waiting for a few legal details to be sorted out before we can make it public. We expect this to happen in the next few weeks and we'll notify you when it does.

If you have a commercial use in mind you can send us an email at contact@popcode.info for details about the other distribution possibilities (e.g a custom application).


Any word on this? The

Any word on this? The documentation still says it is local only. Would love to experiment with this and see what I can do on ios.


Sorry for the delay

The legal details I mentioned are finally being sorted, but we're also just embarking on a new venture so the future of Popcode is still a little uncertain right now.

We could add the local functionality on iOS using the iTunes file sharing capability, but as we don't really have any other new features to go into Popcode itself right now we don't really want to risk another Apple review process!

Future of Popcode Uncertain?


I'm a little curious. You say, "...we're also just embarking on a new venture so the future of Popcode is still a little uncertain right now." My business partner and I are developing a strategy for a future venture and have it on hold because Popcode isn't to the point where we can begin production. Popcode is an important piece of the strategy and we are a little concerned. What is it that you mean by uncertain? Is Popcode coming to a halt? Or, are there plans for a bigger and better product?

Please fill us in on the future of Popcode!




The new venture will still be about AR, in many ways it will be similar to Popcode. The commercial model for 3rd-party content developers is not yet finalised though, and might be different to what we envisaged when we started Popcode.

Popcode generator or other future release?

Hi all,

I'm working with smartcodes since a while, but the Popcodes are really amazing! I think the applications can be
several and very interesting.

I'd like to know if the Extra-Reality is planning to give the possibility to generate custom Popcode or a sort of deeper tool kit to manage Popcode generation for custom uses.

I'm available to talk about possible projects, but I need to know if your efforts are addressed on Popcode
or not.

I'm waiting for your answer.

Thanks in advance!

Custom uses

Our intention was to allow users to connect their own content to unique popcodes using an online management tool. We have the tool developed but needed to wait for the licensing agreements on the source code to be finalised. The licensing agreements are almost finished but now we are embarking on a new venture so we can't commit to the future of Popcode specifically right now.


Hello everyone,
I think it's great popcode and easy to use. In previous posts I am not clear on what the future of popcode. For a job I'm pursuing I would like to include 3D ​​objects, videos and more and wanted to ask what is the possibility of including one created by me in an online server and can be viewed by those who popcode on smartphones that point on a target set . I would also like to know if it planned to purchase a license to use popcode / server online.
ps. sorry for English, I hope it was clear