Available Platforms

Under "Get Popcode" it is stated that the only devices that support it are:
- Google Nexus One
- HTC Desire
- Samsung Galaxy S
I'm unable to obtain any of the above models, but I do have access to a variety of other by HTC and Samsung.
So my questions would be:
(1) Is it possible that Popcode will work on different models, other than the ones mentioned above?
(2) Assuming it's possible, would a device with the same specifications (or better) like the ones mentioned is the best candidate to try or is there some specific configuration suggested?

Best regards,

Alex A.



Hi Alex,

Sorry for the very slow reply.

Yes it certainly should work on other devices. A definite requirement is Android 2.1 or 2.2.

Currently we've compiled in optimisations for the newer processors so that means the older generation of devices definitely won't work. Phones based on Snapdragon CPUs or the latest Samsung chips should be OK. We've had a report that it doesn't work on the Motorola Droid, which we've yet to chase down, as from the specs I'd expect that to be supported. I've heard the Evo 4G does work, but we haven't seen it first hand so not added it to the list yet.

We will try targeting the earlier generation of CPUs in a future release, but if the performance is bad we might not release Popcode for them.

Hope that helps, despite the delay...