android sdk?

I would like to know if you are planning to release an sdk for the android platform too?


Hi, The content created with


The content created with the existing SDK is compatible with the Popcode mobile app. Here is how we envisage providing content for mobile phones:

1 - Create content using SDK on the desktop
2 - Get a Popcode ID (i.e. a Popcode logo with the ID assigned to you) from the developer site
3 - Upload content to that Popcode ID
4 - Distribute your target (the image that is augmented) along with your Popcode logo to users

This way, anyone with the Popcode app on their phone can view the content you've created.

We're still working on the infrastructure to allow you to upload content to a Popcode ID. For the moment, however, you can test content you're creating by copying it onto your phone's SD card and scanning the special "Load From Storage Card" Popcode (as described in the tutorial in the documentation).

We're also looking at the possibilities for exporting content as a standalone application (thus not requiring the users to scan your popcode) but this is a more long-term plan.

Does that answer your question?


PopCodeContent Folder

hello.. connell.. is it should be that i name the folder to popcodecontent?.. can i change to customize name folder?.. thank you..:)