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Can I change 'popcode' logo?

If i can't change it, I want to know how relize logo.



I'm trying to track a tattoo

I'm trying to track a tattoo (its on my wrist so doesnt change shape as I move), if I were to stick the popcode logo to my arm then remove it once a lock was obtained would it work still?

I'm a little hesitant to have your logo tattooed to me permanently...

Yup, that will work


The Popcode doesn't need to be part of the tracked image at all, it's just the link to the right content package. So you could for example have the Popcode on a piece of paper in your pocket, no need to even stick it to your arm.

As we still don't have user-uploads enabled for Popcodes (it's taken a huge amount of time to get agreement from the company funding my PhD, but I hear they might actually be signing next week) you would need to put the content on the SD card of your android phone, and use the Popcode from the centre of the test target in the developer kit to load it. You could just crop out the Popcode from that image and print it on a small bit of paper.

The training process assumes that the image you give it is flat and is a direct front-on view, so it would be best to take a picture of the tattoo for training which is as straight-on as you can get, and if there's any parts that start curving around the wrist then crop them out of the image used for training.


Not possible

Sorry, you're stuck with the Popcode logo for scenes to be delivered through Popcode. It helps users to know to use the Popcode app too.

If by relize you mean "resize" then it's up to you how to size and position the Popcode on your content.