Announcing Popcode 0.8

We're very happy to announce the launch of the first preview version of Popcode (version 0.8).

Popcode is a new Markerless Augmented Reality (AR) platform which allows objects in the real world to be brought to life with interactive 3D content.

Popcode features a unique method of AR content distribution. A Popcode combines the Popcode logo with a unique identifier. This serves two purposes: it alerts users to the fact that additional content is available, and also provides a very quick and easy way for the users to access that content. Only one mobile app is required to view any content hosted on the Popcode platform so the whole experience of downloading and viewing content is quick and easy.

Developers can create content for the Popcode platform for free using a simple XML-based language. There is support for 3D objects, audio, and interactivity to provide really compelling experiences. Scripting is also supported in a scene to produce more complex behaviours.

See the What is Popcode? page for more details.

Get the 0.8 Release from

Read on for more information about what is and isn't included in this preview release.

What's in Popcode 0.8?

The 0.8 release has two major components:

Android App

A free app to view Popcode content. This has been tested and confirmed to work on the Google Nexus One, the HTC Desire, and the Samsung Galaxy S. If you have a different Android 2.1 or 2.2 device it may work for you too, but we have not tested other devices.

Popcode Developer Kit

The free Developer Kit allows users to create their own content. It consists of a Windows XP/Vista/7 application for previewing content, an application for training target images for use in the platform, and all the documentation and tutorials required to get started. The Developer Kit also allows content to be tested on a mobile device with the Popcode app.

What's still to come?

The 0.8 release allows users to generate their own content and try it on their own mobile phones. In the coming weeks we will add the ability for users to obtain unique Popcodes for their content and to upload it to our content delivery network so it can be shared with the world. This service will be free for hobbyists (with a fair usage policy). Commercial charges will be based on traffic.

Apps to view Popcode content on other smartphone platforms are underway and will be ready by the release of Popcode 1.0, along with increasing the number of devices supported by the Android app.

We expect to release regular updates in the coming weeks and months with bug fixes and performance enhancements on the way to a solid Popcode 1.0 release. We do not anticipate the XML language used to describe scenes will undergo any major changes, so now is the perfect time to explore the capabilities of Popcode and begin putting together some content!

What can I do with it?

Get some inspiration from the Demos page, but let your imagination run wild. We're providing this release primarily to allow developers to get to grips with the capabilities of the platform and begin creating content.

So: Get Popcode, Get Inspired, and then show us what you've put together in the Forums.